It is a well known fact that marriage is supposed to be difficult, but is there a way to avoid being that complacent couple, together because they don’t want to risk being alone? Where does one draw the line between problems and deal breakers?

The only way to find your own personal answers to these questions is to face the problems you and your partner are experiencing without hesitancy. It is also important be self aware and recognize if your unhappiness is due to your relationship or you yourself. The website of Austin marriage counselor Kathleen Snyder says, “When one or both parties are struggling with deep-seated personal issues, that may negatively impact the relationship.”

Sometimes, figuring out what your problems are is just as difficult as dealing with them. In order to be more analytical, there are many common marriage problems to consider. If you are having trouble, a Houston divorce lawyer can help you figure out exactly what problems you may be having.

Although independence can be healthy, especially for your friendships and careers, leading separate lives can be detrimental to a relationship. You don’t have to take your partner everywhere, but inviting them to office Christmas parties or bringing them around your friends on occasion will connect your lives while still maintaining your own personal identities.

Another thing to be careful about is crossing improper boundaries with friends and co-workers. It is okay to vent or express gratitude to people you trust, but if you find yourself having more intimate conversations with someone other than your partner, keep your distance from that person for awhile and try to re-establish that level of intimacy with your partner.

Does one person in your relationship make all the suggestions for plans or never ask how the other person’s day was? Even if by some miracle the other person does not notice or mind, it still creates an unhealthy dynamic in a marriage. Both parties are equally important, so treat your partner and yourself like so.

Divorce should not be taken lightly. However, if you feel like living with your partner is worse than living without them would be, it is fortunately a socially acceptable option in our modern society.

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Whether you have three children and a mortgage, or rent for your one bedroom apartment to worry about, it always seems like you are making ends meat. Can you imagine getting hurt and not being able to work?

There are safety nets through worker compensation that are extremely useful when necessary, but avoiding an injury makes for a lot less stress. Here’s how you can keep yourself injury free in the workplace.

Make sure you are getting seven to eight hours of sleep a night. Yes, this has been reiterated to you countless times throughout your life, but that’s because it is just that important. In regards to workplace safety specifically, 18% of all workplace injuries are due solely to overtired employees. Lack of sleep can have the same effects as drinking alcohol, such as slow reaction times and impaired judgment, so put sufficient amount of sleep on the same level of importance as not having a beer for breakfast.

Don’t do heavy lifting if you don’t have to. It is easy to assume a box of files cannot do any damage, but excessive lifting is one of the leading causes of injury in the workplace. Your office most likely has carts, or at least someone that goes to the gym more often than you, so utilize your resources. If you must do heavy lifting, make sure it is no more than 50 pounds and that you keep the object and your elbows close to your body.

If there are certain pieces of machinery that you are not sure how to use, or that you think might be hazardous even when used properly, let your boss know immediately. It is important to not only keep yourself safe, but also your fellow co-workers.

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People tend to assume that if a topic disappears from the mainstream public eye, that it is resolved. On the contrary, consequences are usually still unfolding long after a story is no long deemed newsworthy. The BP oil spill may have happened back in 2010, but its lasting effects are far from over.

Only 17% of the oil was actually cleaned up, according to Al Jazeera, and there are still 200 miles of oiled coast. Since the spill, eyeless shrimp, crabs without claws, and fish with open lesions have been found in the waters of the Gulf Coast.

If that doesn’t stop you from wanting Gulf Coast seafood, Auburn researchers revealed that the bacteria vibrio vulnificus, the leading cause of seafood contamination related deaths, is ten times more prevalent in Deepwater Horizon tarballs, blobs of petroleum weathered by the ocean, than the surrounding sand, and 100 times more prevalent than seawater.

The continued turmoil doesn’t stop at the environment. At one point, commercial and recreational fishers were not allowed in 40% of Gulf Coast waters. According to Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Science, by 2017 the Gulf of Mexico economy is expected to have an $8.7 billion loss. This is due to the lack of revenue, which in turn has caused companies to cut wages and discontinue the jobs of about 22,000 people.

The non-profit sector, including wildlife preservation, has also taken a hit. According to the website of Williams Kherkher, because of the economic state, “…individuals and businesses alike, have been less able to make charitable donations, directly impacting non-profit organizations.” These organizations may be able to benefit from the help of a non-profit oil spill claim lawyer, who can help them prepare their claims or appeal denied ones.

BP wants the public to think that it has cleaned up its mess, and therefore should be able to move past this scot-free, but the reality of the situation is that even though the oil spill was an accident, it has caused far more damage than BP has compensated its victims for.

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Estate Tips

After losing a loved one, the last thing anyone wants to do is deal with the intricacies and bureaucracy that comes with settling an estate. It is easy for disputes about an estate’s validity to emerge and more often than not requires legal intervention. To make sure your assets are distributed how you want them to be, follow these tips.

First, if your loved one passed away due to another’s negligence, you should start the process of filing a wrongful death claim as soon as possible. This way, you don’t need to also carry a financial burden on top of dealing with this tumultuous time for you and your family. To learn more about wrongful death, visit the website of Mokaram Law Firm.

Next, be sure to pursue estate planning litigation. Although there are legal procedures that take care of estate distribution that, by most people’s standards, make logical sense, they will most likely not tailor fit your desires. For example, if you wanted to give your stepchild part of your estate, or wanted one of your heirs to receive more money than another, this will not be carried out if you don’t establish an estate.

Even if the laws happen to be consistent with your wishes, a lack of estate makes it easy for people to dispute the specifics in court.

Another thing you must consider when planning your estate is working around situations that might prove your will invalid. You want probate, the court process that proves a will either valid or invalid, on your side. An essential part of that process is to appoint the right executor. Make sure this person is someone close to you, that is responsible and good with money. If there is someone like that in your life that will not be included in your estate, it is better to choose them over someone that is to avoid conflict of interest.

A common way a will can be considered invalid is if the writer was in poor mental health at the time they wrote it. That being said, don’t procrastinate on writing your will, because an “inadequate” mental state can come about at any time. On the other hand, if you are currently suffering from mental illness, don’t let that stop you from planning your estate.

Finally, don’t throw surprises into your will. Treat those in your life like your estate reflects you would have, or else your will may be considered falsified.

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