LD Flap Reconstruction: Pros and Cons

After my mom had her double mastectomy, she had tons of questions about the reconstruction process. I’m not a doctor, but I do know what she’s concerned about when it comes to the recovery process and how different reconstruction options are going to affect her body. I was doing research on the pros and cons of each different type of reconstruction and I came across some helpful information about Latissimus Dorsi Myocutaneous Flap reconstruction on the Bergman Folkers Plastic Surgery website.

LD Flap reconstruction works by taking tissue from the upper back and combining this with a breast implant that matches the patient’s body and desired size. There are a lot of benefits to this surgery option. The biggest benefit is the reduced recovery time. Some reconstruction surgeries can have patients bed-ridden for a week or so after surgery. With LD Flap reconstruction, most patients can return to all but the most intense exercises right after surgery.

Another benefit of LD is the minimal scar exposure. Doctors create incisions that can be covered up by a bra so that no scars are revealed.
One of the coolest things about LD is that it allows thinner patients to undergo breast reconstruction. Some patients are told that they cannot have breast reconstruction done because they lack the necessary tissue to do so. This can leave some women feeling very upset and cause a lot of psychological stress. Thankfully, LD surgery only needs a minimal amount of tissue because it is combined with an implant. This allows thinner patients to receive the reconstruction surgery that they desire.

Although LD Flap reconstruction has many benefits, it may not be for everyone. There are a couple downsides to consider when choosing which surgery option is best for you. First of all, LD Flaps require the use of implants. There is simply not enough tissue on the upper back to create a full breast otherwise. These implants are usually made from silicon or saline. If patients are unwilling to use breast implants of any kind, they will not be able to undergo this surgery.

If you’re a very active person, LD Flap surgery may not be the best option for you either. Most people will not notice a weakening of back muscles after surgery. However, the back muscles will be partially imbalanced for life after LD Flap surgery. If you regularly participate in sports like tennis, swimming, weightlifting, or rock climbing, know that this surgery may affect your performance.

Everyone is looking for something different when it comes to reconstruction. Some women want to have a pure silicon implant. Some people are looking for an autologous surgery that only uses tissue from their own body. Some people don’t really care if it’s autologous or not, they just want to recover quickly. That’s why it’s important to talk to a doctor about the pros and cons of every surgery option before making a final decision.

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