The Real Titans of Industry

Depending on where you live, industrial manufacturing may be a completely strange concept or it might be the lifeblood of your local community. In the south Texas area, manufacturing and industrial production employ many, many people. Whereas in different parts of the country, perhaps tourism or the service industry is a bigger employer.

However, unless you handcraft everything you own, your household, your car, and your belongings can all be traced back to a manufacturer at some point. That means that the livelihood and safety of the industry’s workers should be important to everyone, even beyond basic human compassion. If the industry is not safe, or if workers are constantly injured, this could also affect your life, too.

Unfortunately, the manufacturing industry and other related businesses related to all types of production are not always safe. In fact, the Beaumont personal injury law firm, Portner Bond, PLLC has testimonials and stories of countless workers injured on the job. The injuries could result from unsafe working conditions, negligent actions on behalf of supervisors or safety professionals, or improper instructions from instructors. And, of course, workers could always be responsible for becoming injured.

But in most cases, workers are injured as a result of a combination of multiple factors. The job of a workplace personal injury lawyer, though, is to advocate for their client and fight for compensation and coverage after the injury. Advocating for their clients is tough work, requiring the lawyer to sort through documents and records to determine liability. Some of the information that a personal injury lawyer must work through includes:

  • Medical records for surgeries, treatments, prescriptions, and more
  • Workplace records including safety manuals, training, and operation policies
  • Police reports or ambulance records filed in response to an accident
  • Correspondence between their client and different insurance companies

The last segment of an industrial workplace accident is perhaps the hardest. Insurance companies have one motive beyond any other desire: to profit as much as possible. As a result, insurance companies are entirely willing to undercut compensation offers. The injured could be left unable to pay medical bills for an injury for which they are not responsible!

Even worse, many insurance companies get away with this because they are perceived as too powerful for just one person to fight. And if the injured person does not have a lawyer experienced with negotiating against powerful interests, then the perception of powerlessness is basically correct.

However, there are industry workplace personal injury law firms that have prolific experience in working against greed and injustice. If you have been injured as a manufacturing or industrial employee, I would strongly advise against advocating on your own. Hire a lawyer with experience and receive the compensation for injuries and lost wages that you deserve!

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